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Introduction Video and Case Studies Issues
I wanted to request the ability for our talent accounts managed under our agency account be able to also interchangeably use our links for things like deliverables posted on the agency socials of the talent in our talents mediakits. I feel that it should be an ability to just use a video link in general because there are tons of UGC creators online even who don’t post their deliverables on their own socials but want to use content they created that are posted on other profiles like brand profiles as far as our the case studies went and stuff. We should be able to link any video and those who are viewing our media kits should just verify this information. For example, unfortunately because there is no direct upload for our talent (or us on behalf of our talent), to upload a video pitch (aka introduction video for their mediakit), we need to use a link from only YouTube or Instagram reels (not sure why not tiktok as well?), but our talent doesn’t want to post this video directly to her profile as it doesn’t match her usual content that she posts so as her agency and representation we are posting it (have) on our profile for her to share, but the link won’t work because it’s not through her connected accounts. She would post it on her own accounts if it had the ability to use a private / hidden video as the video pitch but it is only capable if it’s a public video currently posted and accessible on her profile. You can see where our dilemma is. A lot of our creators feel the same and wish for us to post it on our agency profiles instead. Can I also suggest the direct video upload option please?
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